Sei Aun
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A traditional Japanese full course dinner served by a maiko (an apprentice geisha)

We serve our dishes using specially selected vegetables and rice grown in Kyoto. Also we serve regional sake and other traditional Japanese liquors from all over Japan. We are sure you find these drinks delightful so don’t be shy to try them.

This course includes: Dinner attended by a maiko
Traditional Japanese dance,
opportunities to take pictures
- 1 hour and a half
Price list Guests of 20- : 9,550yen per person
Guests of 15 : 11,460yen per person
Guests of 10 : 14,300yen per person
Guests of 8 : 16,920yen per person
Guests of 5 : 24,800yen per person
Guests of 3 : 32,130yen per person
(tax and service charge included)
*Don’t hesitate to inquire about the number of guests and price.
Telephone 075-212-1314
Specially selected ingredients Rice harvested from the fields in Ayabe, Kyoto Specially selected vegetables from Uzumasa, Kyoto Fresh fish from Shikoku Kyoto home grown beef

Photos of the restaurant --- Enjoy the traditional spirit of Kyoto and relish this unique experience with family and friends.